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I'm Ba-ack

Sooner than expected, I'm blogging again.

But this time I'm dividing my efforts across two blogs:

This one, which I expect to be a more personal blog and even perhaps a bit autobiographical.

And the New Adventures of the Compassionate Curmudgeon where I intend to put my rants about religion, politics, and anything else that seems rantable. So if you want to avoid my rants, stick with this blog.

I also intend to republish some of my old blog posts, both here and on the new Curmudgeon blog, depending on subject matter. And I've already started by republishing the posts from my 2008 jury duty stint over on the Curmudgeon blog.

And now I'm about to publish an article about my latest adventure in jury duty-ing as my next post. I hope someone enjoys it.