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Identity Thief

Identity Thief stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy

Identity Thief stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy

Just returned from seeing Identity Thief, the new comedy starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy.

With a smart screenplay by Craig Mazin (the podcast partner of the Long-Suffering John August), the movie follows Sandy Patterson (played by Bateman) as he tries to track down the person (McCarthy) who has stolen his identity, racked up thousands of dollars in overcharged credit card debt, and just generally ruined his life.

One part Chase Movie (and Bateman isn't the only one going after McCarthy), one part Buddy Picture, and two parts belly laughs, with a little old fashioned heart thrown in for good measure, the film is fun for the whole family, its "R" rating not withstanding. (The rating is a mystery to me; take out a couple of the "F" bombs and it's a solid PG-13.)

The other roles are well cast, though with actors as good as Amanda Peet and Jonathan Banks why they can't find more for them to do is another mystery. Perhaps they got lost in the editing.

Recommended. (I gave it eight stars on imdb.com.)