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Wissahickon's Hundred Steps

Here are some historical photos and architect's drawings of the Hundred Steps that connect a residential area of Wissahickon with a path in Fairmount Park.

This photo of the Hundred Steps dates from 1901. It shows the dam at the bottom in the Wissahickon Creek, the steep bank, and then the Hundred Steps themselves. The light fixtures have not yet made their appearance. The house on the right at the top of the steps is still there today; however, the mansion on the left is long gone. It's been replaced by a house built in 1966.

This photograph of the base of Hundred Steps was taken in 1902. It shows the original light fixtures on the pillars.

This is a detail from what appears to be a surveyor's map of the dam in front of the Hundred Steps. Who knew it was named the Robeson-Vandaren Mill Dam? Note the site of the Hessian Redoubt from the 1777 Battle of Germantown.

This is a reduction of an architect's plans for a new rail to be constructed for the Hundred Steps. It is dated May 1, 1924.