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Over the Rainbow

Just back from the Randy Rainbow Live! show at the Merriam Theater, where the crowd went wild over Randy Rainbow. I had a great time.

Rainbow puts on a true multi-media show with a live four piece band and video projections that he sometimes lets run while he does a costume change and sometimes synchronizes his performance with. (Did that sentence make any sense?)

The performance began with a montage of various celebrities and non-celebrities on the video screen explaining what Randy meant to them and how he was the single ray of sanity since the world has gone mad since 2016. As was to be expected the bulk of his performance was devoted to videos and songs about the present incumbent of the White House.

But he also did some material form his pre-2016 years. Did you know he had a viral video in 2010 about Mel Gibson? Neither did I.

Audience members queuing up at the Merriam Theater for Randy Rainbow Live!

The one sour note was the sound system. He brought his own, and it was too loud, to the point that many of the words were difficult of understand. I actually turned off my hearing aids, and that helped a little bit.

But still it was a fun time.