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Fixing SMS in Messages

One of my favorite features of Apple's iOS/MacOS ecosystem is the ability to share text messages across all devices whether they are Apple's iMessages or the conventional SMS text messages. There were a few bumps along the road while Apple was getting this working, but for the past year or so, it has been working flawlessly for me.

Until yesterday.

I started getting Not Delivered error messages when I sent an SMS from my iMac. But the odd thing was that they were actually being received by the recipient's phone. They just weren't being shared within my Mac and iOS systems.

I tried the usual things, rebooting, etc. Then this morning I posted the problem on Apple's discussion forums.

Immediately after doing that I realized there was one thing I hadn't tried: disabling text forwarding and then restarting it. Sure enough, that fixed the problem.

Here's what I did. On my iPhone I went into Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding and disabled forwarding on all my devices.

Then I powered the iPhone off and back on.

Next I went back into Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding and re-enabled forwarding on the devices where I wanted it to appear.

That's it!


iVI Pro Suggestions

iVI Pro's Conversion Queue

iVI Pro is a Mac application for importing and converting video; I've been using it to rip all my DVDs in anticipation of having to downsize in the near future. The following is a list of suggestions that I'm sending to them:

I’ve been happily using iVI Pro to rip all my DVD sets (413 sets, many of which have multiple discs, so the disc count is well over a thousand) and I’d like to offer a few suggestions that would make my workflow easier.

First, although I’ve checked the setting to assume an unidentified video is a TV show, when I insert a DVD the first import screen still assumes it’s a Movie, so I have to change that manually.

iVI Pro DVD Import Window

Now I have a lot of “TV” show DVDs that are not to be found in the normal databases, such as sets from The Great Courses. There are typically six half-hour “episodes” on each DVD, and when I tell iVI that the DVD is a TV show, it usually finds each of the episodes and checks them. So far so good, but then I have to enter the name of the series for each of them, as well as the episode number (it numbers them 1 through 6 by default). It would be nice if I could input the series name just once and let iVI Pro automatically fill in the rest. And couldn't iVI take the first episode number that I enter and increment it by one for each succeeding episode?

Then there's the problem of subtitles. If a DVD has Closed Caption subtitles, iVI Pro can't seem to find them, whereas the open source Handbrake can. So with any DVD that I think might have CC captions, I have to let Handbrake examine it first; if it finds them, then I'll let Handbrake rip the movie. It would certainly be a time saver if iVI Pro could handle Closed Caption subtitles.

I hope you'll consider these little suggestions. Thanks!


Update: I originally identified the open source software that I using as VLC rather than Handbrake. How embarrassing!