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People Are Stupid - #9 in a Series

It seems that Mark O'Rubio is on the receiving end of the latest teabagger delusion. Wonder if he is enjoying it?

To get a sense of what Republicans are up against, consider that Marco Rubio — a member of the Gang of Eight — is already getting hammered over the claim that the plan supposedly creates “Marco-phones.” The assertion, which is a play on the “Obama-phones” widely ruminated about on the right, is that the bill would grant taxpayer-funded cell phones to immigrants who enter the country on a work visa.

Rubio is working furiously to debunk the claim, issuing a detailed fact sheet pushing back on it, but it appears to live on. Details aside, this observation from Ed Kilgore gets at the larger story here:

I’m having trouble feeling bad for Rubio getting a taste of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a Tea Party delusion.