New Adventures of the Compassionate Curmudgeon

In which I tend to rant. A lot. But compassionately...

Frontier Looks Amateurish

I started to watch the Netflix series Frontier, but I was immediately disappointed at the amateurishness of the production.

The first couple titles that serve to provide the viewer with some of the context for the history are in ALL CAPS, making them difficult to read to begin with, and they flash by so quickly, there's barely enough time to read them.

Then there are the place setting titles that appear periodically to let the viewer know where the scene is taking place. Once again they are in ALL CAPS, the font size is way too big, and there are no drop shadows, so they are usually difficult to read. (The screen grab alters the colors a bit, so it doesn't give a true sense of the viewing experience.)

Was the budget so low that they couldn't hire any professional editors to do the job right?

No Harm?

I see that NBC has cancelled Do No Harm after just two episodes.

I didn't bother watching it because it sounded like a pretty stupid concept for a TV series, even for American broadcast TV. Couldn't understand why Steven Pasquale would agree to do it.

But then I have to keep reminding myself that when I first heard of the concept for Breaking Bad, I thought that was pretty dumb. Can't always judge a show by its concept.